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Subscription only until 2nd of June 13:00


Shares with high historical returns

Current dividend yield 8.1%

TTM dividend payments. Calculation based on DelfinGroup share price at the end of the trading session on 17.04.2023. More info.
AS DelfinGroup public offerings of shares owned by SIA EC finance and SIA L24 Finance at a fixed price of EUR 1.35 per share is taking place from 22nd of May until 2nd of June 2023.

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Altogether, up to 4.66 million shares are offered by SIA EC finance and SIA L24 finance, who are the largest shareholders of AS DelfinGroup and who have put a small part of their DelfinGroup shares on public offering. AS DelfinGroup shares are listed on the Nasdaq Baltic Main List.

Prospectuses of the public offerings are approved by Bank of Latvia. The process ir organized by LHV Bank and legal support ir provided by law firm ESB.

If you have any questions about the share offerings, please contact our team

Announcements and news

Bank of Latvia approves the public offerings

The Bank of Latvia has approved prospectuses submitted by two largest shareholders of AS DelfinGroup – SIA L24 Finance and SIA EC finance – for the public offer to sell part of their DelfinGroup shares. Thus, investors in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia will have the opportunity to purchase up to 4.66 million DelfinGroup shares. The offer price is 1.35 euros per share. The subscription period will last from May 22 to June 2 inclusive.

Concrete Structure

About the sellers and shareholding structure before the share offering

Shareholding structure


About the sellers

SIA EC finance is 100% owned by Agris Evertovskis. Agris Evertovskis is one of the founders of AS DelfinGroup, has has worked as the company's long time CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board, and is currently the Chairman of the company's Supervisory Board. EC finance owns 18.22% of AS DelfinGroup shares before the public offering of shares. In addition Agris Evertovskis owns another 8.75% of AS DelfinGroup shares through 100% owned company SIA AE Consulting.

SIA L24 Finance is owned by the family of entrepreneur and investor Aigars Kesenfelds. Aigars Kesenfelds is an entrepreneur with extensive international experience in 30+ countries, he has founded, helped to create and invested in many successful companies. SIA L24 finance owns 55.13% of AS DelfinGroup shares before the public offering of shares.

Frequently asked questions

Advertisement. Approved prospectuses on the Public Offerings of AS “DelfinGroup” shares by (1) SIA L24 Finance; (2) SIA EC finance are published on Approval of the prospectuses shall not be considered as a proposal to purchase shares. Please consult an expert before investing, if necessary. Before investing in the Offer Shares, read the prospectuses carefully to understand the potential risks and rewards.

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